Tuesday 7 July 2015

The Kindle Debate

Perhaps the Kindle debate has become somewhat of a cliche at this point after seven some generations of the product. Yet, it is probably still one worth asking about as even those who hesitate greatly as I did, will likely at some point be forced to relate to the machine and use it to do what they love, read.

I have just ordered my first Kindle on Amazon last night, which has left me feeling excited but also unbearably nostalgic. Although it is definitely some kind of romanticization of how I imagine I am to be remembered after I die, I have always pictured my children and grandchildren going through my impressive library, flipping through the yellowed pages of books that I'd read and marked with my notes, and having some deeper sense of who I really was. Its hard to conjure up the same scene occurring with a Kindle.

Convenient? Sure. Cheaper in the long run? Uh hun. Greener? I guess. Even so, I'm sure a lot of dewy-eyed idealists out there like me mourn the corporeality of a good novel. And anyway, I don't have to use it for every book I read... right?

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