Wednesday 8 July 2015

Dialogue: Pink Zucchini

- How do you not see the penis in the painting?
- I see it. I guess it just looks more like a pink zucchini.
- I guess. But its all shafty. And look at those round things at the bottom of it. Balls. Anyway, makes you think of a penis. Probably what the artist intended.
- Maybe.
- You don't think so?
- I guess I see something else when I look at it.
- What to you see?
- Have you ever had that feeling when you move house and all of your stuff is in your new place but you can't see any of it because its all in boxes so it doesn't really feel like any of it is yours. You know, when it doesn't feel like home yet because you can't see any of your shit around you and all the smells are different.
- I guess I can imagine.
- That's what I see.
- You think that's what the artist intended?
- Probably not.
- So do you think then that he intended to paint a penis?
- Probably.
- ...or a pink zucchini?
- Probably not.
- So when you look at this you see yourself in a new house with new smells.
- Yeah, I guess I do.
- Do you think you are just smelling the paint of the painting which makes you think of fresh paint in a new house?
- Maybe. But I think the paints are different. Art and walls you know. Different kind of canvas.
- Right... What do you see in that painting over there?
- The blue one?
- Yeah.
- Nothing.
- Nothing at all?
- Nothing at all.

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