Friday, 10 July 2015

2 PM

2 PM

You joined the Navy
even though I asked you not to,
and I wondered if the sea
is different to people like you.

What happens to your lesbian girlfriend
and your pet ferret
when you are on a boat?
Do you see a lot of whales?
Are you afraid of war?

I’ve seen a lot of war
in the movies,
and have read a lot of words
that didn’t stay with me
in any significant way.

When your aunt died
I cried by myself in Glasgow
and remembered when she stuffed
olives with anchovies
for Christmas Eve dinner.

I said I want to help people
Dad said he just doesn’t see it
I’m too self-oriented,
no offense. I say I prefer the term
emotionally curious.

I wore brown pants
the day you asked me
to marry you, as a joke.

You said,
I can’t marry a woman who
can’t  sew on a button.
I said,
I understand.

But, let me sneeze in your mouth
I can do it on command,
that way, we will share our insides.

I wore my brown pants that day
I spilled ketchup all over my legs,
soiling the linen.

Its hard for you to understand
not getting up before noon
and why for some,
the world is a sensorial horror.

You knew my friend well,
the one who practiced life
on the computer:
sims or chat rooms and shit,
walking around virtual parks,
playing house, leaving bed.

Sweet mother of God,
the sky looks so beautiful
at 2 PM,


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