Saturday 16 December 2017

Recent thoughts on psychoanalysis

Personal reminders:

- I can pick and choose what resonates with me
- move beyond Freud
- feminism and psychoanalysis - read Kristeva, Irigaray
- the intellectualising of emotions, the cross between feeling and academics may assist in emotional comprehension and eventual development and change
- take an interest in oneself as an emotional case study
- explore healthy transference
- identify instances of projection
- return to one's own agency and take responsibility
- in efforts to find spirituality, return close to home. For me, this is psychoanalysis, which is something I once believed in
- start a journal
- pay attention to dreams
- find a way to bridge the personal and the academic - i.e. do not fear topics in academic work because of potential personal investment (e.g. feminism, sexuality)
- draw and write as therapy
- approach the self as always something in process/progress