Wednesday 10 June 2020

LRB Screen at Home: Kevin Barry on ‘Tim Robinson: Connemara’

Was great to reconnect with literary events again this evening listening to Kevin Barry discuss his work and writing process as well as Pat Collins's film ‘Tim Robinson: Connemara’ on Robinson's journey as a writer and cartographer mapping out Connemara.

(Film still)

Some notes from the talk:

- Happy/sad fields - a concept by philosopher John Moriarty
- How a place exudes a feeling that effects us
- How our surroundings and sounds places effect our moods and temperament and how our characters are formed by our landscape
- Isolation and remoteness and what we discover when we go out on our own
- How coronavirus has made us observe our surroundings
- Focus as making us more aware of place and the subtleties of our locations - paying attention to things we didn't previously
- When you think about place you have to think about time. The patience involved in certain projects that carefully attend to place
- Writing a novel over the course of a few years makes it very challenging to achieve a coherent voice as over that time, the author is changing consistently

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