Friday, 20 November 2015

Forebearer finally here!

Super Inuit & Jessica Schouela – Forebearer

Out November 20th on download and cassette limited to 50 copies. 

Full album:

Forebearer is the audio product of a collaboration between Super Inuit (Brian Pokora) and Jessica Schouela. The compilation of Jessica’s poems launched the project and, although written at different times, they were chosen based on a shared sense of curiosity, vulnerability, and a wish to explore familial interactions. The poems are a play between viewing and reviewing history and at the same time, interrogating a possible future. Although the poems had not originally been intended as spoken word, they nonetheless lend themselves to an oral reading, even more so in conversation with Brian’s underlying soundscapes on which the readings sit. 

The cover of the record is a portrait drawn by Jessica of her grandfather in the 1930s, who lived until 102. In this regard, he represents not only the literal forebearer of the poet, but reflects a life that began in times that could only view the present as some sort of sci-fi existence. Nevertheless, as humans we adapt, a sentiment that ultimately sets the tone for the multi-media project. 

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