Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Dialogue: The Second Internet

Dialogue: The Second Internet

-       Do you think there is a second Internet?
-       What do you mean?
-       Like, an Internet only some people know about where secret things happen.
-       What kind of secret things? Government things?
-       I’m not quite sure. All kinds of things I guess.
-       Like porn?
-       Yeah maybe that would be a part of it.
-       Would it be for artists? Like an underground art scene on the Internet?
-       Probably not exclusively. But that could be part of it as well.
-       So there would be this second Internet that – wait, would it work on the same network? As in, could anyone with Wi-Fi get on it if they knew where to go?
-       Yeah. You wouldn’t need a special computer or anything. The second Internet would just be there and you might even be able to stumble upon it by mistake but if you didn’t know how you got there, its unlikely that you could ever get there again. You know, without knowing.
-       What language would it be in?
-       I would say English, Russian or Chinese. Can’t say for sure though.
-       Right. Talking about this kind of makes me anxious.
-       How come?
-       Because you don’t really know if there is a second Internet or what kind of secret societies are out there. What they know about you. Maybe they know things about you you don’t even know yourself.
-       They probably do.
-       Well that scares me. And it also kind of pisses me off.
-       I don’t think you are alone there.
-       Yeah, but no one ever does anything about it you know.
-       Well they can’t because they don’t really know for sure.
-       I think we should start the second Internet.
-       But we just said –
-       I know. But at least we would be on this side of it all.
-       But we don’t even know how to do that.
-       Well we would hire someone we can trust.
-       And who would we let on it?
-       Anyone who could find it. We could make them swear not to tell anyone. Bind them to the secret somehow.
-       Like blackmail?
-       Yeah! So like, if they manage to find it, we would somehow gain access to their entire computer and threaten to expose certain things.
-       Well what if they don’t have anything juicy on their computers? Or what if they don’t believe us? What if they do believe us and just don’t care?
-       I’m not really sure yet.
-       Why would they even want to be on the second Internet? What would we offer that they would want?
-       I don’t know.
-       Then what’s the whole point of it all?
-       I don’t know. Sorry. I just got carried away. I just don’t like the feeling that they are watching, that they know things, that I’m excluded in some way. On the outside you know?
-       No one does.
-       Well I really don’t like it. Especially now.
-       Yeah. I get it. Nothing you can do though.

-       Yeah, I guess not.

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