Saturday 20 July 2019

Luxury Water - how is this real?

The Guardian recently published an article titled $90 for a bottle of melted iceberg? Inside the world of luxury water, which elucidates on some seriously disturbing facts, one being that the luxury water company Svalbarði sells $90 water bottles, advertising that their water is "freshly squeezed from – wait for it – melting Norwegian icebergs."

It was also reported that in a recent "social-psychological study on water consumption choices" conducted by The University of Waterloo (Ontario) researchers have connected death anxiety to challenges in "environmentally sustainable behavior change":

"Death reminders reliably increase humans’ selfish exploitation of natural resources,” writes [Sarah] Wolfe in her related work explaining that when humans consider our impending demise, our instinctive denial and need for distraction leads us to make irrational decisions. Such as, perhaps unconsciously, thinking: “How could the planet be dying when I hold in my hand a bottle of such unfathomably pristine water? How could I be dying when I’m making such healthy decisions?"

A screen capture from Svalbarði's website:

Not entirely sure why they think that stating that one man's interest in the Arctic and subsequent capitalising on the climate change crisis is good for the environment? They pride themselves on being carbon-neutral yet their business model literally depends on global warming to ensure they have a product. Commodities should not depend on the continuation of our harmful and irresponsible habits that are destroying the planet. 

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