Wednesday 4 October 2017

Richard Weller

On Monday, I attended a lecture by Richard Weller on his Landscape Works. Some key words, phrases and concepts I'd noted down include the following:

- proposals for no man's land
- framing voids
- infrastructures as sociopolitical arenas as opposed to aesthetic
- how to reconstruct communities after disasters
- resilience and sustainability
- biodiversity hotspots
- integration of industry with public transport
- urban development where city expansion is not sustainable
- new cities - how to represent the future in a way compelling but not fraudulent or alienating
- urbanism as attuned to topography
- global biodiversity and its pressures (on the planet)
- conservation communities - neocolonial?
- protected land must be representative and connected - must be applied to all 867 eco-regions of the planet
- biological hotspots
- conflict maps
- Peri-urbanism (edges of cities)
- ecological landscape restoration
- Global South and education
- global responsibility
- national ecological network
- species and linguistic complexities
- planetary garden, constant involvement

This is the link to Weller's project Atlas for the End of the World:

Weller's website:

Cities in hotspots


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