Monday 4 June 2018

Love poem

We lay without pants 
on the unchartered tiles 
of the cold bathroom floor
where we kissed each other’s bodies:
there was so much affection between us. 

Having forgotten our friends 
just outside the door, 
as they danced and drank whiskey, 
we spent time
knowing, accepting, revelling
in how vulnerable we knew we were becoming, 
feeling somehow safe despite it 
in all the new. 

With each touch, 
we were learning and 
taking notes of the particularities 
of the other 
without realising. 
It was hard to kiss
and look at each other 
at the same time, and 
I wondered which I had to privilege. 
I tried to memorise your face
so that I could elicit it 
in moments apart. 

We knew the words 
for what was happening all weekend. 
Too soon to utter anything, 
we spooned, 
switching every so often 
to assure we were both held so close. 

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