Thursday 18 January 2018

Let’s Murder the Moonlight

Below are three amazing quotes from one of F. T. Marinetti’s Futurist manifestos called ‘Let’s Murder the Moonlight’ (11 April, 1909):

“That sun struck us in the face with its great torch of flaming purple, then flared out, vomiting itself into the infinite.”

“ ‘I feel my twenty-year-old body growing younger!… I’m retuning, with ever more infantile footsteps, to the cradle… Soon I’ll reenter my mother’s womb!… Everything, then, is permitted! I want expensive playthings to smash… Cities that I can flatten, human anthills to kick over!… I want to tame the Winds and put them on a leash… I want a pack of winds, fluid grayhounds to hunt the flaccid, bearded cirrus clouds’.”

“From the fluctuating blue meadows, slowly emerging was the vaporous hair of countless women who were swimming, sighing, and opening the petals of their mouths and their moist eyes. Then, in the intoxicating flood of perfumes, we saw a fabulous forest growing and spreading around us, its foliage arching downward, as if fatigued by a lazy breeze.”

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