Friday, 3 March 2017

Marlow Moss - A Forgotten Maverick

I was so pleased to have gone to Zurich this week to see the Marlow Moss show at the Haus Konstruktiv as well as to hear Lucy Howarth's lecture on Moss and the little scholarship that surrounds her life and work. Seeing Moss's works in person after having thought about her for several months now was extremely rewarding and confirmed many of my ideas regarding how Moss's pieces engage with their surrounding environments and how they resist classification, for example, as painting, relief or sculpture.

Howarth's talk was excellent and addressed many key ideas with regard to how to approach Moss's work but also on the problematics of certain biographical readings, be it feminist, queer or other. Moreover, Howarth emphasised the importance of not letting Moss's having been forgotten take over the scholarship around her and not to view this as a key quality when engaging with her work, which I feel is an important stance. Rather, it is important to attend to her work as beyond this fact in order to give Moss a space in today's canon of art history, and perhaps particularly in the history of British modernist art. The show at Haus Konstruktiv only confirmed my deepening interest in Moss, and I am encouraged to continue my work on this fascinating artist.

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