Wednesday, 15 June 2016


I am very horrified and affected by what happened in Orlando this week. I think many young people who work and live within liberal or artistic communities can't help but feel that "it could have been me". I don't think I can say anything of intelligence really about this because the situation is more emotional than anything. Despite feeling that there are safe spaces (and having been in and felt safe in such spaces myself with dear friends) for expressions of love and sexual fluidity or exploration, what happened in Orlando goes to show how much work remains to be done. This is particularly frightening with the upcoming American elections and with Trump shockingly and frighteningly on the horizon as a real candidate for president.

A couple of years ago when I was in Warsaw, there was a rainbow arc in the centre of the city made of coloured paper which was burned during my visit. I was deeply upset by this but chalked it up to cultural difference and thought that Poland really had to catch up in this regard. Having such a massacre happen in the States was a deep reminder of how much everyone around the globe needs to seriously take a look at their capacity for hatred and tendency to fear those who are different from them as threats to their own way of life. Moreover, it is baffling that some Republicans are using this as an opportunity to promote gun ownership for self-defence.

I guess support now and facing this head on is what needs to happen, especially because what happened seems so entirely unbelievable.

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