Thursday 10 December 2015


Dialogue: Code/Tourism

-       I wonder if somehow there is some kind of essence that connects us all?
-       Who is us all?
-       All human beings.
-       So, you’re wondering if there’s something that is essentially human?
-       No. I wasn’t clear.
-       Then how do you mean?
-       Like coding, you know.
-       Computers? DNA?
-       Neither.
-       Then what?
-       Like, a code that unites us as being present on the Earth, today, at the same time as other people. Maybe by code, I only mean God.
-       So you think God is like code?
-       Possibly.
-       So you believe in God then?
-       I wish.
-       You wish?
-       Yeah.
-       Then why did you say that he’s code?
-       Code is easier to believe in. Despite not understanding the language.
-       Language?
-       Yeah. So maybe God is like some kind of tourist that comes to visit us when we need answers, but seems to be absent for long stretches of time. A tourist that visits the same place every few years.
-       What does this have to do with code?
-       Nothing.
-       Then what is God?
-       I don’t know.
-       But you said he’s code and he’s a tourist.
-       Yeah, like, he knows us, but he doesn’t speak our language and we don’t speak his.
-       But?
-       But somehow it all works. We get by, eventually, and we communicate and make something. Something appears, is visualized eventually and we know that we made it, but that somehow, he has something to do with it.
-       I’m picturing God wearing a sombrero.

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